Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Water colour Wednesday

Father Christmas has been exceptionally nice to me this year and has given me all these art goodies, including an amazing Cotman 45 half pan water colour set.

Not having much experience with water colours, I had to do some test pages first.
First of all, swatches for all the colours, including the names so I can remember them when I finally run out.

Then, I took out the water colour Moleskine Father Christmas got me, and doodled a bit with my new dip pen and ink:

And then I had the best time using all the different colours, playing with more and less water, mixing colours together...

Oohh, I can see how people can get completely lost in water colours and end up doing nothing else! And I haven't even scratched the surface yet....


  1. I found your blog and I love it! Have fun with your watercolors! Such a great gift!!

  2. I love what you've done here. Congrats on getting Father Christmas believing you've been good this year. ;-) LOL Happy watercoloring!

  3. Very nice Eveline! I predict you are going to have a ball watercoloring!!

  4. Wow Eve!! So beautiful. I haven't played much with my watercolors but I haven't used proper watercolor paper. I bet it makes all the difference!