Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Water colour Wednesday (4)

When I got my water colour set and water colour Moleskine from Father Christmas, he also brought me a water colour brush multi-pack by Royal Langnickel.

I had tried them out previously, but unfortunately, I am not enthusiastic about them. The lids keep popping off, you have to squeeze reallllyy hard to get water out of them, and some of the pigment in the paints will even get into the water barrel, which effectively means that you're working with dirty water.

Thankfully, I also have Aquash from Pentel, and I love them!

I started my water colour session today with putting some of that mucky water from the Royal Langnickel brushes on my pallet, to see just how bad it was.
Adding some greys and oranges, and I was painting away...

Now, what are one of the first things a child will draw? A house! Or even a whole street...

Adding more layers:

And some outlining:

So here you go:

(And no, I haven't decided yet what to do with last week's water colours. I guess I'll leave them as is for a while and decide later.)


  1. LOVE those little houses! I LOVE those water brushes as well! GREAT JOB Eveline!!!

  2. such a wonderful whimsical look.

  3. Thank you very much ladies! I'm having so much fun learning how to work with water colours.

  4. I have some waterbrushes that suck up the paint & make the water mucky. I'l try the Pentel ones!