Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love love love

After a lot of Internet-drama that I don't want to get into right now, a few lovely ladies on Twitter decided that it was time for LOVE.

And so, last night, we had a Ustream-a-thon, going from one show to the other, watching each other do pages inspired by LOVE and the colour PINK, which I don't use that often but yesterday was using more than ever.

So here you go, my PINK(ish) pages...

(Please be sure to check out The Loving Kindness Project on Flickr, where you'll see other people's LOVE inspired work.


  1. a LOVE monster! I LOVE it...was it hiding @ the end of Blades week!
    Cheers Sue `*>~[

  2. Hehehehehe.. yeahh! I hadn't even thought of that.

  3. Nice pages Eveline! I am so enjoying seeing all of the love and kindness! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I appreciate it.

  4. I love the bottom one! It looks like a pink Sleestak! :D