Friday, January 7, 2011

Link Love

One of my jobs on Art Journaling It's All Good, our art journaling 'zine, is to come up with the link love page. So I get to look all over the internet to find new sites that I think everyone should know about.

As much fun as that is, sometimes I come across amazing sites that just don't fit in our 'zine. Because they are not about art journaling but photography, or needlework or other forms of art. Or because they have nothing to do with art at all.

So I decided that every Friday, I will give some link love to a site that for whatever reason does not fit the 'zine. Or maybe one that does and has already been featured but I feel deserves a little more link love anyway...

Here is the first one: A Girl's Guide to Homelessness. Bri, a young woman who became homeless through no fault of her own, keeps a blog about what it is like to not have a roof over your head. You can read how in 2009 she became homeless, and follow her story of how she and her biiig dog Fezzik try to keep going strong. It is an amazing story that makes you wonder if you too could do it, if you too could make it out there on your own.

In April, her book will come out, The Girl's Guide to Homelessness, and I wish her all the best!

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