Friday, January 21, 2011

Link Love Friday (3)

I don't normally talk about the subject here on my blog, but up until about 12 years ago, I had an eating disorder. I suffered from binge eating disorder (BED), which meant that I was addicted to food like a junkie is addicted to drugs.

After some group and individual therapy and lots of help from people on a Dutch website especially for those who suffer from eating disorders, I beat my BED, and have since been a moderator for that very website, trying to help others who are now in the position I once were.

Now because I know most of you who read this do not speak Dutch, I want to give my Link Love this week to, a website where you can find an incredible amount of information on different eating disorders as well as healthy coping mechanisms, online support and links to sites and organisations that might be able to help you deal with your problems.

If you are suffering from an eating disorder, or know someone who does, please check out the site. And remember: you are not alone!


  1. This is a great link :) very informative, good to see such a supportive place as many people feel unable to seek direct help with their problems. Well done you for being able to work things through and then give back to others :) xxx