Thursday, January 27, 2011

Link Love Friday (4)

Now the last couple of Link Love Fridays have been serious stuff. Diseases are no fun, but getting some awareness going is a good thing and that's what my Link Love Fridays are for.

But, to balance things out a little bit, I HAVE to show you this..

OK, so the kids are on the annoying side, but still.... can you believe that!!
Who knew you could train a goldfish to play fetch? I mean seriously, a goldfish!!

When I first moved out of my parents' house I had some hamsters because my then boyfriend used to have them when he was little. I did not take to the hamsters at all. Sure, we bought them the Sam cage and the labyrinth and the ball, but still.. Not for me.

I did have a few fish, those black ones with the huge eyes, and yes, they are relaxing to watch and I used to sing to my one fish because his name was Mickey and I could never pass the tank without singing 'Oh Mickey you're soooo fine....' but had I known that I could have trained him... mannnnn!!

I wants a goldfish now. I wants one I wants one I wants one. And the training kit, of course...


  1. I would like a goldfish but I could never keep a tank cool enough for one.

  2. Get some tropical fish then. ;)
    Or did you mean cool as in 'hey, cool tank, dude'? ;)