Monday, February 13, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Postcard Challenge - Belgium


Tye got ill, and then I got ill... Not ill-ill, but we had a really bad cold/close to flu that kept us in bed for days coughing up our lungs and hurting all over...
Art was not exactly on my mind.

And then when I started to feel better, and I did a couple of drawings in my Illustrated Journal, I still didn't feel up to the Postcard Challenge. And then when I did, I felt as if I had to catch up, and that stopped me from even going there at all... I know, silly me.

So this week, I finally decided to not even think of China, Brazil and France and just carry on going with Belgium!

I don't think I've ever been as active as I have been staying in Belgium's smallest city of Durbuy.
Kayaking down the river Ourthe was amazing, we had a blast horseback riding, I challenged myself rock climbing and we went mountainbiking.
We visited the caves of Hoton and the Hara Krisna castle of La Petite Somme. But the best thing: chips with sour mayo!
Nat. X

Durbuy really is a lovely little city, I remember going on holiday there when I was about 8, and going back to that same area a few times. We stayed in a bungalow exactly like this one, and I remember evening walks organised by the park people, down the mountain into the little town, having a drink in a cafe with my dad and the dog.

I remember the Caves of Hotton, that used to have a boat ride at the end of it and they'd always say 'cover your childrens' ears' before firing off a canon that was SO loud, but when you got to the end of it it was a toy-size one. I remember seeing fireflies which I thought were magical, and seeing Hara Krisna walking around in town.

It was the first place I kept a glue book, of my dad's Belgian beer labels, and food labels and dried flowers.

But most of all: Belgian chips are the world's best, and their sour-tasting mayo is amazing! We would always take a few tubs back home with us after every holiday in Belgium.