Saturday, June 2, 2012

Put it on Paper - a new 'zine!

A while ago, I was talking to Leslie of Comfortable Shoes Studio about this new project she was working on: a new 'zine on Art Journaling. When she asked if I would like to write an article for it, of course I was up for it!

Unfortunately, that was around the time Tye's Nan passed away and the start of my Creative Bleehhhh, and I ended up feeling I had nothing to write about, until Leslie said, why not write about what that feels like. So, I did.

Behind the scenes, Leslie and her friend Jane, who is an artist and graphic designer, were working hard to get the 'zine finished, and on June 1st it went on sale. It includes articles by Jazmine aka SirensIdyll, An'Angelia Thompson and me, an interview with Ted Micu, a book review and lots more, and of course tons of pictures.

It looks amazing and what is even more brilliant is that you can order a digital download for $7, or a printed version for $14 + shipping, which comes with a free digital download so you can already read it while you wait for it to arrive on your doorstep. How cool is that!

Go here to read all about Put it on Paper, and order your copy today!