Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sketch Tuesday

OK, so if Daily challenges don't work for me, what does?

Weekly! Weekly is great!(more or less) Weekly gives you enough time to try not one but two or maybe even three new things. But here's the thing: it does not mean I HAVE to do a certain thing on a certain day. If I feel like watercolours on a Saturday instead of a Wednesday ('Watercolour Wednesday' has a nice ring to it, don't you think?) that's OK. If I then use my watercolours three days in a row, that's even better. But I'll save the pictures and updates on my blog for Wednesday.

So Tuesday, I have decided, is Sketch Tuesday.

Having taken Leslie Herger's 'Old Skool Drawing 101' course (which she will be offering as a self-paced course, keep an eye on her blog for details) I have learned a lot about eye-hand coordination, shading, why backgrounds are important and all that good stuff. But I haven't practised as much as I should have, and these Sketch Tuesdays are a great way of keeping up with what I've learned and go beyond that.

My dear friend Blade aka Artistic Biker posted a reply to my 'Daily don't work' post, in which he started a Daily Drawing Challenge. How cool is that!
He posts pictures on his blog you can draw (so far: a duckie, a wrench, his -hopefully clean- socks and a plate), in both colour and black and white, and has started a Flickr group for people to post their pictures. The group is 'invitation only', so when you click 'join' you will have to ask Blade if you can prettyplease join his cool new club. ;)
Even though I'm not going to be following the daily routine, I will try and do most of these sketches and post them in the group.

Here is my first one, for my first Sketch Tuesday:

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  1. I need to get back to sketching again. I decided with watching what I eat - when I crave a cookie or diet soda and I'm wanting to eat for emotional reasons or bordom, I'm going to sketch a face or practice eyes. Something distracting but arty.