Monday, June 27, 2011

Bugs, a video.

Last week I did a video sitting at my desk. I did all that needs to be done: converting into a format Youtube likes, editing, finding music that fits the video, and then saving it to my computer... that last bit did not work. At all. It would take 300 minutes, Windows Movie Maker said. Oh no wait, it would take 599 minutes. Or 780.

It was music I had already used on a previous video, I didn't do anything different, but WMM just flat out refused to work. After several attempts a couple of days in a row, I just gave up. I might upload the video as a silent one, or talk over it or something, but with the music it's just not going to work.

So today, I tried again, with different footage and different music, but from the same source I always use, And guess what.. it worked! The video saved to my computer in less than a minute, and Youtube took no time at all to post the video:

I have no idea what I did wrong with the last video, but hey, it's working now so I'm not complaining!

Some pictures of the bugs up close:


  1. I love all the cool bugs. They're very neat and amazing.

  2. I love this too. Beautiful. I'm inspired to draw some bugs now for myself!

  3. Just now there was a great big beetle on my bed. Suddenly not such a fan of bugs anymore. ;)

  4. Loved watching the video and seeing you work! Which Cotman watercolor set is that? I haven't seen one before with so many little colors.

  5. Stephanie, that is the big Studio set, with 45 half pans (40 colours). It's amazing, but slightly too big to take out really. I'll be buying a small travel set soon.