Thursday, June 9, 2011

What do you call your Art Journal?

I just discovered that I call my Art Journal different things.

When on Twitter, depending on how many characters I still have left, I call it my Art Journal or my AJ. Usually my AJ. And consequently I call working in my Art Journaling 'AJ-ing' on Twitter. I thought I'd clear that up for those of you who were wondering, although I suspect that most of you who are reading this blog and/or my Twitter feed are interested in Art Journals anyway and had already figured that one out.

Here on this blog, I always call it Art Journaling. With a capital A and J. Because it's important to me, I guess that's why I do it. It's not something I've given a lot of thought to. It just looks weird without the capitals.

When talking to my niece who is very interested in all my creative stuff, I call it 'my journal', even though she gets confused sometimes because she sort of keeps a written journal and this is completely different.

I tried 'Visual Journal', which I suppose my Travel Journal (see, capitals!) is more than an Art Journal, but it didn't sound right for some reason...

When out and about though, I call it 'My Book'. Tye over the years has become quite used to me collecting things 'for My Book'. Even the other day when we were at Nando's I asked for his little flag that was holding his burger together, so I could 'stick it in My Book'.

What do you call your Art Journal?


  1. Like you, I just call it my Art Journal! :)

  2. I have five so I should have different names, but I don't really. Mostly I call them art journals except for the one that is more of a scrapbook for refashioning ideas. They all have slightly different purposes but most are art journals.