Sunday, June 19, 2011

Art Journal flip-through

About 1/3 into my current Art Journal I realised that there is tons of pages in this one and it would take me a good while to fill them all. So now, half way through, I decided to do a flip-through video.

In this Art Journal you will see a lot of test-pages. I'm testing out glazes, mixing my WC crayons with graphite and gesso, and trying out my Pearlescents in my mad scientist kind of way, lots of journaling, you'll see how I store my DIY tape, the piece of sheet I nearly emptied one of my pots of Pearlescents over, one of Keeshe's teeth (and I did not punch the puppy in order to get that tooth!), lots of photo's, daily emphemera, paintings, drawings...
And I'm only half way through yet!


  1. Awesome. I love your flip-through journal videos. So fun.

  2. So wonderful Eve! Thanks fornsharing! Much love