Saturday, July 2, 2011

Index Card A Day

Just because I haven't said all that much about the Index Card A Day challenge does not mean that I have not been doing my cards. OK, so sometimes I have done a few cards in one siting, but still...

Here are a couple of videos of me doing my cards:

And the June flip through video as promised:

Once again, thank you Daisy Yellow for starting this challenge and for keeping me busy throughout the summer months!


  1. I enjoy your endless (timeless?) creativity. When I need inspiration , I come see your blog.

  2. I really enjoyed watching the video's.

    The one with the rings and the foil is similar to an exercise I did in my art class a few years ago. Made me think about doing that one this next school year again!

  3. Thank you Foxaz, that's such a nice compliment!

    Blue-Bird, The foil technique is similar to what I did for one of my art journal covers inspired by one of Gary Reef's old Youtube videos.
    But back then I used tin foil and not foil tape. The tape is so much stronger and easier to use!