Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Twitter has been hacked

Warning: My Twitter has been hacked. It is now sending out this message:
"Someone said this real bad thing about you in a blog....!

Please understand that this is NOT me. The link will take you back to the Twitter homepage. There is NO blog saying anything bad about you, it is just some hacker having fun.

I've already reset my password on Twitter, deleted my Tweetdeck account and then setting up another one with the new password, but it might not have worked.

*siiigh* I love my Twitter and now it just all went to poo..... I'm so sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Oh, and until this mess gets sorted out, I can't send any DMs either. I can receive them, but not send any myself. Lovely stuff!


  1. I just received the same email / message and deleted it. I figured it was bogus. Thanks for posting. Lovely blog by the way :)

  2. Seems it hit a few other people today, including Laurel :/

  3. err, except it's most likely not a real twitter home page but an attempt to get you to log back in through a phishing scheme.

  4. With these hackers continuously tricking Twitter users, it would be advisable if we read the help center guide or follow @safety, so we get regular updates and tips on how to block potential hackers. I know that it has been more than a year since this post, but I hope that you haven’t experienced any hacking attempts again.