Sunday, July 24, 2011

Everyday matters.

It must have been at about six years ago when I heard about Danny Gregory's book Everyday matters, on a blog by a Dutch woman who kept her own visual journal much in the same style. I remember reading about it, thinking it was pretty cool, but not for me. I can't draw, you see.

And then I started making ATCs and keeping Art Journals and taking drawing lessons and learning about watercolours and then all of a sudden, that book popped up again and I decided to order a copy.

It is not a 'How to' book. It is not a book you just sit and read. It is a book you read, absorb, get inspired by. Because as much as the fact that every day matters, everyday things matter, too.

And after reading the book from cover to cover, and looking at all those amazing drawings, I grabbed my sketchbook and started drawing myself. And then I got my Moleskine out and draw those drawings again, in that same fineliner pen that bleeds a bit but gives a nice effect when mixed with watercolours.

And then I added some journaling:

What book has inspired you to art?


  1. The Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to Be The Artist You Truly Are by Danny Gregory had me inspired to start doing art. I love that book. I read Every Day Matters after that one and also An Illustrated Life.

  2. I need to check those out too. Love his blog.