Sunday, January 1, 2012

This is just a test

Father Christmas brought me lots of art goodies, and for my birthday Tye signed me up for Sketchbook Delight 2, and the inlaws got me vouchers and money to spend on more art goodies... but by the time I got to the shop I could not really think of anything I wanted or needed. And yes, I know how spoilt that sounds...

On the market however I spotted some sketchbooks. Spiral bound, which I like because I have limited space, and the pages felt thick enough for what I want to do.
MIL did not understand that I spent some of my birthday pennies on what she thought look like cheap notepads, but they made me very happy, especially after I did a little test:

Using a Micron pen, calligraphy ink and Cotman watercolours, there was no bleeding, and the paper kept nice and smooth. I like it, I like it! I got myself 2 A5's and an A (see here if that doesn't mean anything to you), the bigger ones are my favourite size anyway, and the smaller one is perfect for just throwing in a bag when out and about. And they are cheap enough for me not to worry about 'ruining a page', because yes, I do suffer from that sometimes.

I can't wait to see these sketchbooks all filled up!

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