Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daily don't work - part 2

Just over a year ago, I wrote my blogpost Daily don't work, a post which since I've written it I've linked to it in several other blogposts, including the one I wrote yesterday.

When I read my dear friend Blade's comment, I figured I needed to explain things a bit further.

Here's what Blade said:
"I keep seeing you say, "Daily don't work for me," but I know of tons of stuff you do daily. Sleep, eat, drink water... Make your art like that. ;) "


I do do art related things on a more or less daily basis. I draw, I paint, I stick stuff in my art journal, I journal, I write blog posts, I take pictures, I look for inspiration, I think of future projects. I might not do all of that every single day, but art is part of my daily life and has been for some time now.

So that's not it. The 'Daily don't work' comment is for all those 'create every day'-projects that you see so many of online. Creating an art habit after doing something for 20 or 30 days, not missing a day. And that's what the problem is. I can't do 'do this every day for 30 days'-things. I did do the Project 365 challenge and there were days where I really-honestly-Imeanrealllyyy had no idea what I was supposed to take a picture of. But because I did not want to fail, I had to.

And I did not like that feeling. And Tye sure did not like hearing me moan about it... ;)

So while I probably will end up doing my Everyday Matters-inspired drawings on daily basis for a while, I don't want to commit to a 'You Have To Do This Every Day For 30 Days Straight Or You Fail'-kind of challenge. Because I don't want to feel bad for missing a day or two or four.

Arting, or not arting, should not make me feel guilty. And that's why 'daily don't work for me'.


  1. To be clear, my comment was meant tongue in cheek, though whose cheek is none of anyone else's business. One of the things I truly love about you is your childlike approach to all the creative, arty things you do. I know you do tons, and I know you do SOMETHING creative every day.

  2. I know it was, Blade, but I've had other people asking me about it too. Don't feel bad, I've linked to your blog and everything. ;)

  3. I find the opposite for me. I'm good at committing to the 'daily for a month' projects but I tend to fizzle out after they're finished. It's like I take a short break after the challenge is over and don't get back into it. I do love to sketch/draw but, unfortunately, it's not on a daily basis. I'm going to try harder to rectify that though.