Friday, January 13, 2012

Illustrated Journal (2)

So I did a few more pages, drawing every single day and loving it.
It's funny to notice that you never really looked at a banana until the moment you started drawing one.

Two blind contour drawings that.. well.. I did tidy up a little bit:

My poor backscratcher that I had to stick back together with ductape. Can't live without it...

Crackers with cheese and chunky bits of cucumber:

Now I already posted this yesterday, but I wanted to tell you the story that goes with this drawing:

It was the day before Tye's birthday, which sadly he had to work so we decided to celebrate it a day early, and we went out for dinner with the inlaws.
The dinners were brought to the table and I took a quick picture of my plate, thinking I would draw it later. The waitress gave me a funny look, and my mum-in-law told me while we were eating that the bar staff and the waitress were standing behind the bar, looking at us. A minute or so after that, the chef even opened his kitchen door...

I think they thought I was a mystery client or something, ordering food to critique it later. I wonder what they would've said if I had actually got my sketchbook and paints out there and then......


  1. For some reason I couldn't post on your last
    Great work - wonderful!
    And thank you for the pen link. I have been thinking of getting a new pen for a while. I have been using a cheap W.H.Smiths fountain pen but I have heard the Lamy Safari is used by a lot of artists.
    By the way, what ink are you using and is it waterproof?

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. I just had a quick look at your blog and your work is amzing!

    I'm currently using calligraphy ink that is waterproof, not sure if that is the best for fountain pens but I'm only just started using pens. I got my pen from, they have great pens for more than reasonable prices, and they also have inks that are waterproof and suitable for fountain pens.

  3. I think you picture of your meal is great. Have you seen the work by Kate T Williamson. She did a set of postcards of a year in Japan and your work reminded me of hers.