Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cheap is not always cheerful

So the other day I purchased an A6 notebook (that's 5.8 x 4.1 inches for those who don't know), and filled it with patterns. You've already seen it, although in the previous post I did not mention the notebook.

Here are some more patterns I made in it:

which effectively makes the notebook my self-made colouring book. ;)

I also bought some more cheap watercolours, as I could see myself going through my Koh-i-Noor set quite quickly when adding colour to these patterns. There's 80 of them in my book!
So here's cheap set by Farrel & Gold, bought at The Works for £2.50.

I had tested them out and was rather happy with them. The colours were nice and bold, and they took to watercolour paper quite nicely.

But when I used them in my little colouringbook, something awful happened. The paints turned very creamy and thick, and it looked more like a child had been splashing on some watery acrylics that did not have a nice glossy finish after they dried:

Trying to outline the patterns in the hopes of saving it did nothing but crumble the paint:

At first I thought that maybe it was the water brush I had used, but then I tried the same paints again on watercolour paper, and they are fine:
They're not turning to thick blobs and you can actually outline them again with pen.

Maybe some (cheap) paints just don't take to notebook paper.. Looks like I'll be using my Koh-i-Noors for the pattern-colouring-book anyway....


  1. I have that cheap tin of paints too, i only use them as a base under prisma pencils.

  2. Ohhh, that's a good idea! I might try that, thanks Darcy!

  3. Ive had difficulty finding opinions on art supplies from The Works - Farrel & Gold pastels and water colours, canvases, sketch pads, brushes, pencils, etc etc. Can you give your view on other products from this company? They are selling loads so it would be a public service ...Ive Googled loads but few reviews to date..

    1. I used to shop mostly at Hobbycraft for proper art supplies. It wasn't until I came across The Works that I realised how much I was being ripped off. Farrel and Gold is now one of my favourite brands. I recently bought a set of 6 graphite woodless sketching pencils which were £2.99 and they are beautiful! The back of the pack also recommends to use the pencils on a Boldmere sketch pad (I assume because the quality of the paper is so great, not just for sketching, but for all art mediums - I know, I bought a few). I think the problem Eveline is having is because the paper she is using is not suitable for watercolours and not because of a fault with the actual product (e.g. you can buy the best art pens, but if you use them on glossy paper they will just smudge and not print on the paper at all). Long story short - Farrel and Gold offer great quality products which are suitable for amateur and experienced artists alike all at the low price offered by The Works. I haven't yet bought any brushes from the Farrel and Gold range but I intend to soon judging by the quality of their other products - again, it's about using the right product for the job ie, don't use watercolour brushes for oil painting ect.

      P.S. The prices are so low you can afford to take a gamble either way.

    2. My issue is that the products don't say where they were made, don't say whether they are tested on animals or whether they contain animal products, the paper doesnt even say whether it comes from sustainable sources

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  5. I have never used boldmere paper but I have used there graphite pencils years ago, iv been an artist from leaving school I'm now 38, the pencils went out of circulation about 4 years ago, I had to find another brand,until the works opens up again in my home town, as you can imagen I'm now ole happy artist love there quality