Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Keesha's new toy

We're currently enjoying our 'staycation' and that includes lots of time with Keesha, of course. The other day we got her a new toy, by the company Ruff 'n Tuff, who makes strong and durable toys. We love them, and so does Keesha, so we decided to give this one a go: the 'Eggstraordinary Baffler'.

It is a food dispenser or puzzle toy. You fill the bottom up with dry food, either kibble or treats, decide whether or not you want to adjust the gap through which the food will have to make its way to the top half of the toy, screw the top half on and then just sit and watch your dog have a great time.

(Can you believe she's 9 months now? Oh how time flies....)

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