Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Watercolour Wednesday; a review

When I started Alisa Burke's Watercolor Bliss course, I felt I needed some new paints. I am very much part of the 'these supplies are too good to be used on nothing important'-club, which I know I shouldn't be, but hey, it's an excuse to buy some goodies, right?

After some searching, I found the Koh-i-Noor 24 pan stacking set.

The set is tiny, fits in my hand, but the colours are amazingly vibrant. I tested them by using the colours straight from the pan, and then adding more and more water as I went along. I really liked the results:

Then I tried them out even more, pairing colours together, seeing how they looked.

For what are considered a school supply, I am happily suprised by these paints. The colours are vibrant, they mix really well. The set is small enough to throw in your bag for on the go arting, and does not take up a lot of space on your desk (space is a huge issue for me at the moment!), and they don't cost the earth.

This Koh-i-noor 24 pan stackable set gets a thumbs up from me!


  1. I know nothing about warercolours, but they look yummy. Were they expensive?

  2. I paid a shocking £4.50 for mine on Amazon. And the shipping was only £1.75 so that didn't break the bank either.