Friday, August 5, 2011

A Week in the Life - Monday and Tuesday

I first heard of 'A Week in the Life' at 23.30 on Sunday night, a whole 30 minutes before the week would start. Not that much time to get things organised, but hey, I had a book, I had my Pogo printer, so I could get started.

Unlike most of the people doing this A Week in the Life-project, I'm not a scrapbooker, and I was doing this project every day at the end of the evening. From what I can tell most of the scrapbookers took notes and pictures throughout the week, and are now starting on their scrapbook pages.

When I first started doing my pages, something was off:

The pages needed PAINT! So I spent every night giving the pages a colour wash before adding pictures and words.

Much better! On Monday night I also spent a lot of time adding my DIY tape, and carving journaling spot-stamps for me to use throughout the book. I stamped a few pages and put them into a new pocket I made at the back cover of the book, so it was all in one place and ready to use.

So here we go, A Week In The Life, the pages for Monday and Tuesday:


  1. What a great idea, I started art journaling a while ago but not done anything in ages!! I feel like going to paint now lol

  2. Oh good for you! Hope you do go back to art journaling, it's so much fun.