Sunday, February 27, 2011

We finally got to meet the twins!

Yesterday, as we were getting ready to finally see our twin nephews for the first time, a parcel arrived. I was a bit surprised as I had not orderd anything, and the name on the back did not mean anything to me. When I opened it, I figured out it was from the Magic Bartender, a very nice lady I talk to on Twitter.

In the parcel she had put a symbol of good luck and blessing for the mum and dad, dollies for the boys and even some fingerless gloves for me! Yayy!

I also fiiiinally finished the baby blankets for the twins, so I wrapped them up, too.

And then we finally got to meet the twins! They have grown a lot, 7lbs for Jenson and 6lbs8 for Lewis, but they are still so tiny, and still on oxygen. But they are doing well and are getting more kisses and cuddles than ever now that they're home with their mum and dad and two brothers and sister.

Here's Lewis on the left and Jenson on the right, held by their mum:

And I got to hold Lewis, too!!

Once again, thank you everyone for asking after the twins and sending your prayers and thoughts. It means a lot.


  1. Oh so wonderful Eve!!!!!!! Such beautiful babies!
    Much Love xox

  2. Ohh so cute! So pleased they are doing well.

    Jenson and Lewis? Are the parents F1 fans perchance? Button and Hamilton would have been too cute!

  3. Timing is EVERYTHING! LOL All my love too your family! Eve!
    Cheers `*>~[

  4. Yes, Lily, they are. And Button and Hamilton have already sent signed photo's to the twins. ;)

    They are now on 'newborn baby' weight, even if slightly on the small side. They'll get there, at least they are home where they should be!

    Thanks again everyone.

  5. Oh my goodness. The twins are just beautiful, E! I just had a nice catch up scrolling through your blog. I love LOVE the sketches and what you are doing with watercolors. Just so beautiful. Thanks

  6. So glad you finally got to see them!!