Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Water colour Wednesday (6)

Today's Watercolour Wednesday started out being about layers.

But then it became about mixing colours. The different blues and greens make even more beautiful turquoises.

Tye asked why I was painting wallpaper....

Filling in the page with paint in all the shades I could come up with..

The more I learn about how to mix these paints the more I'm enjoying them. Even though I know I'm not the first person to mix sap green and cobalt blue, it feels like I'm inventing something completely new, making these paints my own.


  1. Isn't it so cool to see what colors will turn up when you mix them!

    I love the blues & greens, very soothing. NOT wallpaper like! :)

  2. Then you could try the yellows with the blues for more beautiful greens. Especially a lemon or winsor yellow.
    You are making want to get out my watercolours.

  3. Great painting!! I love the colors you used!