Friday, February 25, 2011

Link Love Friday (5)

I know this blog has become all about the puppy lately, but I can't help it she's just too cute not to talk about her.... I'll get back to art again, I promise!

Even before we had Keesha and I was trying to work with Luke who refused to learn anything new at his old age, I've been following some cool dog trainers on Youtube and learned quite a bit about how to get your pooch to walk on the lead properly, what clicker training actually is and how you can use it, and even how to get your dog to do cool tricks.

Here are some of my favourite dog trainers on Youtube:

David the dogtrainer:

Emily of Kikopup

Ashley of Hunkymonkeykaine

Katie of 3LostDogs

If you know any more great dog trainers on Youtube, please let me know!

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