Saturday, February 5, 2011

Link Love Friday (on a Saturday)

Yeah yeah, I know, I'm a day late with my Link Love Friday.... but here it is...

This last week has been about Loving Kindness, as you may have spotted on Twitter, Ustream and Flickr. It has been about being true friends, and not standing for those friends being attacked. It has been about art and coming together as a group. It was about getting to know new people and making new friends.

So this Link Love is about those who made this week possible, who participated in the Ustream-a-thon or just watched, who posted their Loving Kindness art work on their blogs or the Flickr group dedicated to this cause.

Thank you so much for this last week:
Leslie Herger
Paula aka Journal Artista
Lily aka ArtJourney
Tammy Ozuna
Dede aka Inkwell
Deina aka TheAmpleGoddess

I know this is an incomplete list and I apologize if your name is not on it because there have been so many of you who have made this week a brilliant success and one to never forget. But please know that I have loved every minute of it and that I appreciate you being part of it.

The week may be over now, but The Loving Kindness Project is something that will only grow bigger and better, so please keep posting your art work.

Thank you all for a wonderful week!

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