Thursday, August 12, 2010

Drawing 101 starting in September

As you've seen on my blog and Youtube, I've started to sketch a bit here and there. I'm enjoying it very much, but without guidance and complete lack of education, I'm just doing what I think I should, making numerous mistakes along the way.

But from September, I'm going to take an online drawing course, 'Old skool art: drawing 101' run by Leslie Herger.

This is what she has to say about the course:

The intention of this course is to introduce you to some basic drawing tools and skill building exercises. I make it no secret that I believe that drawing is something you can improve with practice. Just like exercising a muscle you can exercise your drawing skills.

By gaining knowledge in the use of your tools you’ll have more confidence in your abilities. Drawing is a combination of learning how to properly see what is before you so that you can translate that into an image. You train your eyes to see so that your hand can record. Learning different ways of recording can help you translate what you see to paper. We’re going to focus on that first before anything else. After a few lessons of learning different ways to use your tools we’ll start to look at images to record.

Old Skool Art: Drawing 101 is the drawing class you never took. It's a kinder gentler approach to drawing than you've had in the past. We'll focus on ways to use pencils and skill building exercises. We'll have live content as well as PDF.

The cost for this course is $35 and it will officially open on Sept 6th.

And here is where you can sign up and join me in learning how to draw!

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