Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Car boot sale Haul

I'm sure you've seen me talk about car boot sales before. Here in the UK, usually during the weekend but in some places during the week aswell, people pack their cars full of unwanted stuff, drive to a field somewhere, pay a fee and start selling their items on tables or rugs they put down, hoping buyers are interested in their stuff.
It's one of my favourite things to do during the spring and summer months, looking for a great deal or something unique or something you've always wanted.

When we first started going, I was keeping an eye out for books, and wooden egg cups for me to paint and put up in my Etsy shop. The hunt for books is still going strong, but I'm now looking for art supplies and I have found many, many great things.
After watching a couple of haul videos people put up on Youtube after having been to craft or art stores, I decided to do a quick video of some of the items I've scored (and I really mean scored) at car boot sales.

And I haven't even shown my alphabet punches, my other punches, my stack of stencils, glitter paints, one of my art journals was a little book I found at the car boot too...

In the video I show you the embossing powders I had not used when I filmed it. Right after I cleared away all the stuff, I decided to try them out and was rather happy with the result:


  1. Quite a haul you have there. I bought myself a set of the water soluable crayons and I paid £8 was amazing. We go to car boots, myself and my daughter as she loves going. I have never been lucky enough to find art supplies though.

  2. What I love about car boot sales is that you never know what you're going to find. Sometimes we come home with nothing, last weekend Tye picked up 4 whole boxes of Star Wars books, about 200 in total, for £17. Some parents were selling it on behalf of their son, and they had noooo idea what goldmine they were sitting on. We kept quiet and smiled and hackled a bit and the dad was even nice enough to help us carry it all back to the car. ;)

    We haven't had that much luck this year, but that's because we've become a bit more picky. ;) But it's still a great place to look for stuff. Lots of people start a new hobby, buy materials and then decide it's not for them, and then take it to the car boot... where we're ready to pay £1 or less, say thankyouverymuch and walk away with hardly touched supplies. LOVE it. ;)