Saturday, August 14, 2010

Black gesso texture

The other day at the car boot sale I picked up some black gesso I have been keeping an eye out for for ages as well as a heat gun. Yayy!

Time to play, but I had no clue what to do with them just yet.

Thankfully, Ky aka Scrapacat posted a challange on her blog. So this afternoon, I cleared all the stuff off the desk (yes I know I had only just cleaned it but lots of my supplies happen to live on my desk) and try out a new camera angle while I tried out my new toys.

Because I had never used a heat gun before I was surprised to see the paint start to bubble up! Perfect for this challenge! Added some Pearlescent paint I picked up at the car boot sale last year, wiping some off with my trusty babywipes and in no time I had a fun textured page.

Thank you Ky for your challenge!
It took some blood, sweat, tears and many many naughty words before it was fiiinally uploaded to Youtube (still haven't got a clue where I went wrong today, but let's not think about that anymore, it's there and that's the most important thing!) but now I can safely go to bed knowing it's all done and ready in time for Ky's deadline.


  1. It is a very fun page! I love how heat affects the pages and materials. Fun Fun Fun!! Hope you got a good night's rest!

  2. Thank you so much Ky. I'm so glad I finally got the video done, it was really doing my head in!