Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corey Haim

Things are going great in showbizzzzz-land. I just heard through Twitter that Corey Haim has died. An accidental overdosis, says the LAPD....

Growing up at our home, Corey was best known as the young boy in The Lost Boys who finds out his brother is a vampire, but he also played in Stephen King's Silver Bullet and of course in Lucas, in which he plays a boy who falls in love with a girls who is out of his league. With his crooked smile and dimples he was so cute! A real heart-throb.

According to his biograpyh on IMDB he started drinking during the filming of Lucas and smoked his first joint during The Lost Boys. A year and a half after that he was doing coke and a year and a half after that he was on crack. He then got addicted to valium and suffered a drug-indused stroke from taking up to 85 a day.

The last time I saw him on a cover of a DVN was when Lost Boys,The Tribe came out, but I wasn't interested at all. Love the original, can't be bothered with a sequal. According to IMDB there was a lot of projects Corey had lined up, but they will have to find someone else now.. Drugs suck!

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