Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Art Journal 6, a flip-through

Last summer, I bought what I later turned into Art Journal no. 6, at a car boot sale. It's one of those small Observer books, and it was my very first altered book.

I glued three, sometimes four pages together, making them strong enough for wet media, but in some cases too stiff for the spine. Lesson learned: next time I will take some pages out before glueing pages together so they will have more space.

The book is so tiny it fits in my hand, which took me a bit to get used to, but half way through I loved it! I had thought of taking the book with me on my trip back to Holland for Christmas, but knowing I would not have that much time to journal anyway, I decided to journal about my trip after the fact.

Now, Mats is my cousin's bull mastiff, and Efteling is a magical place, a fairytale themepark. I worked in one of the park's restaurants for a while, and absolutely love it there. They close after October only to open up for the Christmas holidays, turning the park into a winter wonderland before the next season which starts April 1st. If you ever go to Holland, and get to spend some time in the South, I highly recommend going!

I'm slightly behind on the March Art Journal Challenge, but will catch up within the next couple of days and promise I will take pictures as I go along. Honest!


  1. I love all the pages in your journal; the envelope to put something in, the white Christmas tree, your to do list.....I have to try a small journal like yours, is it harder to do a small journal? Janice Mae

  2. No, it's just... smaller.. The good thing about is that you don't have to take up that much time to do a page (although you can make it as elaborate as you'd like) the down side to it is that you only have limited space. Try it and see how you like it!