Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Black and white

What is better than a paper bead necklace? TWO paper bead necklaces!

These two knotted paper bead necklaces compliment each other: one is made of white waxed cotton and black beads, the other made of black waxed cotton and white beads.
You can wear them together, or separate and they would look great on a white top or a black one, or a black and white one.

The necklace made of white waxed cotton is 34 inches (or 43 cm.) long, the one made of black waxed cotton is 31 inches (or 79 cm.) long.

The paper beads were all hand painted, then cut and rolled and each bead got two layers of varnish to seal them.

And the best thing? They could be yours! Head on over to my ArtFire shop Timeless.

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