Monday, September 7, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things...

Coming back from holiday with tons of laundry to do it's sometimes difficult to get back into the swing of things. I know it took me a good few days before I was used to hectic life again, with phones ringing and schedules and getting back to healthy food. ;) Yes, we're still on the 'No More Crap' diet, but it's proven more difficult this time then when it was when we first started.. Oh well....

And then there's my new Art Journal. I'm still not completely sure if I like doing the backgrounds first, adding bits here and there until it's 'finished', and then adding the journaling. I loooove the background work.
Getting messy. Not really thinking about things, just adding paint and magazine clippings and DIY paper and scraps. It makes time fly! But to then flip through to another page, and another, and another, without finishing what I started... hmm... not so sure....

I know I felt better after adding some journaling, complaining about this very thing..

Maybe I should just give it a bit longer, to see if I might end up liking it after all....


  1. I love all the textured details of the page! :) x

  2. Whatever way you got's a lovely journal page. I think there are many ways to do things, perhaps have a journal that you work on from start to finish, and have a second that you prepare backgrounds first for those days you just want to play instead of write your thoughts down. I WISH I was more of ajournaler. I have a few started but nothing much to speak of completed. :)

  3. I work on so many pages at the same time, each at a different phase of creativity, but it works for me because I always have something to work on!