Saturday, September 19, 2009

Had enough of neat and tidy

I don't think I could ever be a traditional scrapbooker. All these bright colours, everything exactly half an inch from the side, or an inch from the other.. The precut materials and layouts copied from books and websites, I don't know.. It just isn't for me.

Lately, I've been bloghopping a lot. I tend to do that when I'm bored. I check out who replied to blogs I read, and then go to their favourites or the blogs they follow etc. etc. Keeps me busy for ages. And on one of these bloghopping afternoons I found Steph McAtee's blog. Now she takes scrapbooking to a whole different level.

Yes, she still uses pictures and blocks of text like the more traditional scrappers do, but her pages are grungy and dark and layered and I love them! I think this is more the way I want to start Art Journaling. Not that my life is grungry and dark and horrible, but there is just something about getting all messy that makes me very happy.

Even before I found Steph's blog, I did this page below. I first added gaffer tape to my cardboard, and then layered paint on top of it. The text is done in permanent maker (not Sharpie because it died a fairly horrible death when I tried to use it on the page) and then dots on the letters in white Posca, my new favourite white pen.



  1. Personally I think there is a big difference between scrapbooking and art journaling. Two different things really. A scrapbooker told me "it's all about the photos." I thought that was a good definition.

    Whereas art journaling is about communing with your soul. Sounds pretentious, but I really believe that. And messy it often is!

    I wish you much fun with your messiness.

  2. My thoughts... scrapbooking is about documentation & photos; planned & linear, outcome driven. Art journaling is about the freeing experience of combining words, images & color. Messy is definitely the way to go!!!