Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First pages in my Art Journal

I know, I know, it's been a while (again), and after posting this I'm packing my suitcase to go on holiday for a week, so I won't be posting for another while either.... but I wanted to show off the progress I've made so far in my new Art Journal.

I decided to just slap on some colour and already start working on backgrounds, going back and forth through the pages. It's amazing how time flies when you do that!

This one is almost ready for journaling. Maybe I'll add some more bits here and there, but I think I will just put down some lines and then journal my heart out.

Using up old DIY paper I made ages ago. Sticking it on there, and then I'll get back to it when the mood strikes me.

And this is my first finished page in my new Art Journal:

(OK, OK, I might add some borders or something....)

For now: see you soon! I'll be taking a prepped Art Journal with me to play with while away, I'll probably end up having to do loads on that when back, but I'll show you when it's done.


  1. Mooi!
    fijne vakantie!
    ga je naar Nederland op familiebezoek of 'echt' met vakantie?
    Hoe dan ook: have fun!

  2. 'Echt' op vakantie, dat wil zeggen: met mijn ouders en zusje kamperen in de buurt van Birmingham. Ouders trekken op dit moment namelijk over 'het eiland', en wij kunnen dat weekje even mee.

  3. Your comment on my blog led me to yours. I love your art journal, especially the silhouette. Lovely use of colour :-) Kate