Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bye oma!

Today it's eight years since my nan (or gran or 'oma' in Dutch) passed away. It's hard to believe it's been that long.

She was a great knitter, and she enjoyed sewing too, so it was not that strange that she started to collect thimbles. Whenever we went on holiday, or on a daytrip or even schooltrip, we would try and find her a thimble.

When she passed away, my aunt took over her impressive collection, but not before I took out the couple I knew for sure I gave her. One from Eindhoven, the first place I lived when I moved out of my parent's house, one from Dierenpark Emmen, a wonderful zoo in Holland (sorry, link is only in Dutch and German), and one from Lourdes....

I was hoping to take a picture of the sky today, as she loved cloud formations and would always tell us 'Oohh, look at those clouds!', but it's grey and raining again today, so this was the next best thing for this sad anniversary.

Dag oma!

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  1. It's great that you have something to remind you of your grandmother, not that you need it I'm sure.

    Thanks for your input into the type of journal I should get next. I really enjoyed reading what you had to say. I also liked that you are creating your own journals using recycled cardboard. I keep eyeing the cereal boxes but haven't done anything with them yet.