Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's good to look back

Here's a flip-through video of my very first Moleskine, only the second Art Journal I ever did. It's good to look back sometimes. I had forgotten about my three favourite pages, the little girl with her animal friends, the blue face and the fish. I had also forgotten all about the ugly stuff I did and how I sometimes did not even know what I was doing. I hardly added text in those days, and when I did it was silly stuff like 'I don't need anyones permission to be happy'. While that is true, it's also very sickly sweet and Hallmark-ish. Not something I would write in my Art Journal today. But it's nice to see how I've evolved as an Art Journaler and how I slowly become more confident and comfortable.

So here it is, the flip-through:

Lesson for today: it's not about the single page. What I find so much fun about flipping through an old Art Journal is the collection of pages all together. So don't get too worked up over 'ugly' pages and pages that don't 'work'. In the end, they're all part of the collection called Your Art Journal and they are just as beautiful for it as those pages that you do consider pretty.

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