Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Flip-through video!

I finally finished my latest journal, Art Journal number seven already!
I made this one during Less Herger's workshop on Artjournaling.ning, using pages out of an old book I found at the car boot. You can still see the pictures and text shining through on some of the pages, which makes for a cool first layer I think.

At the end of the video I give you a quick look at my brand new Art Journal I made the other day. I used the covers of the book I took the pages out of to make AJ7 and added file folders, bounded in a way Samantha Kira taught in this video.

I already have a feeling that at least the first couple of pages aren't going to be all pretty. I have some personal stuff to work through and where I used to keep that out of my Art Journals, dear old no.7 taught me not to. Thank you Art Journal Seven!

Anyyyywayyy.. enough talking, here's the video. (Completely filmed and edited while Tye was asleep. In fact, he is still sleeping as I write this and he has no idea I just uploaded a brand new video. Woohooo! I'm so proud of myself!)


  1. Very awesome journal (s) and beginning of journal 8! I love creating fresh clean pages to start something new on!

  2. Thank you Kerry! First pages are still a bit difficult for me, but I've made a start last night and I'm liking where it's going.. Will post pics as I get along...

  3. Oh I love seeing other people's journals. Your pages are lovely, thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Hi Eve! i can never sketch fingers or hands.. interesting sketches you have there! would love to see you in YT doing your sketch journal flip too;)


  5. my favorite sorts of journals are the ones where you can clearly see that the artist grew more confident and discovered what styles they really liked.. i think yours definitely shows that! it's beautiful. and do you make your own journals? the new one is a really lovely size!

    lots of love,