Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two blog posts in a day?

Technically no, because it's after midnight here in the UK, but to Blogger I think it's still the same day...


We were at the park again last Monday, and of course my Art Journal and camera had to come with me! I had tons of fun making this video, trying to ignore the 'cool' girls looking at me filming myself. They must've thought, what the hell is she doing?

I also edited it myself, with tons of help from Tye, but I'll try and learn how to do it all by myself so he doesn't have to wake up early in the afternoon (he works nights poor thing) because I Want My Video Done Now!


(and yes, it is a self portrait, kinda...)


  1. So beautiful! My hubby works nights as well so I totally understand. Also, you may be able to change the settings for your time under the settings tab on your dashboard.

  2. Oh good, someone who knows how nice it is to have the bed to yourself, but how cold your feet can be during winter. ;)

    Will try and get the time sorted, thanks!

  3. I enjoyed your video. I have given up on my sketching :( I enrolled in a Zusi Blue class and was doing it every night straight for 3 weeks. I don't know what happened I did not even want to look at my pencils anymore. Watching you...kinda make me want to give it one more try.

  4. That is so great Janice. Would love for you to give sketching another go. This is totally different from the Suzi Blu stuff though.