Friday, June 25, 2010

The New Journal

As the last page of my current Art Journal is in sight (just three more spreads to go!) I was thinking of a new book. As much as I liked the tiny journal before this one, a new one would have to be roughly the same size as the current journal, but maybe not using pages out of an old book like the one I'm using now...

And then I found myself doodling on an envelope. And then I decided to test out different pens and crayons...

So that made me decide to make a book out of brown envelopes. Yay! I folded five envelopes into a signature, and figured three signatures would work best.

Using cardboard and an old T-shirt for cover and spine:

More envelopes for the cover:

And then the cover was done!

Making holes in the spine

Using my trusty dental floss to bind it all:

A very simple out hole 2, in hole 1, over to hole 3, back into hole 2 binding..

And then it was done! A nice size brand new Art Journal!

Just three more spreads to go! I am still thinking of making this new one more sketchbook-y... the brown of the envelopes is perfect for it. The cover still needs some work, and maybe a layer or matt medium to protect it because it's now just paper, but I'm not going to worry about that just yet. Need to finish my current Journal first and then I get to play in this one!


  1. Gaaf joh! Ik ga ook weer eens zelf wat boekjes maken. Ik gebruik nu een Dummy (a4) en die heeft ook lekker dik papier, wel heel handig!


  2. This is AWESOME Eveline. I absolutely LOVE it!

  3. Dang it. Now what am I going to ustream about next week? :) I DIG the t-shirt spine,GF!

  4. Great job! I think ya should do a video on it. lol Hugs, Poe

  5. Thank you everyone! There are a few things I would do better next time, like not use as much of the t shirt because it shows up on the front cover, pull the threads tighter, but other than that I'm happy with the result.

    Oh, and of course you can still do your ustream, Blade! There are tons of bookbinding videos out there, but you need the one that 'clicks' in your brain to try it out yourself. Yours can be just the one people need!

  6. Neat! I have a while before I need to think about a new journal but my next will be handmade.

  7. Cool! Be sure to post pics on your blog when you do!