Sunday, December 13, 2009

My video on Paper Beads!

As I like sharing my obsessions, I decided to do a video on how to make Paper Beads. Enjoy!

Please show me your paper bead projects. A video response would be awesome, but I'd also like to see blogs, Flickr pages or other pictures. Would love to see this paper bead obsession spread!

(Oh, and the link I referred to is one you've probably already checked out: Paper Beads.)


  1. I love your simple instructions, how you used the glue stick to glue the ends that makes it less messy. You did a really good job, the finished beads almost look like glass.

  2. Thank you so much Janice! I've linked to on the right side of the video on YouTube so people can check out where you explain how to cut the paper.

  3. mooie kralen, bedankt voor de video, erg duidelijk :)

  4. Ik ga dit zeker proberen, ik heb nog bakken met glazen kralen en denk dat de combinatie erg leuk zal zijn.
    Dank je ... groetjes Eveline (Eva YLC)

  5. Heeee Eva! Da's lang geleden! Hoe is 't met je/met YLC? Ben daar al zo lang niet geweest dat Frans m'n account ongetwijfeld verwijderd heeft. ;)

    Dank je wel Dymphie! Fijn dat je even langs kwam.