Thursday, December 10, 2009


For some time now, I watched with envy how others bound book after beautiful book. I knew that it was 'the next step' for me when it came to Art Journals, but I never got any further than hinged rings and a ringbinder.


So last night, I made this:

It's a booklet that came in one of the many Dutch magazines my sister brought over when we went on holiday together. Instead of waxed thread, or even waxing thread, I used dental floss, and it worked really well. Oh, and I've left two longer tails at the back, so I can hang some paper beads from it when I'm done. (Oh come on! You knew I would!)

Now if you like this, and are interested in learning more, you should follow Leslie on Twitter. Or even better yet... Join her (and me and many others) on Art Journaling Ning, where she's got a whole series on this Junk Journal, and there will be more workshops to come!

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