Saturday, December 5, 2009

Like I needed a new obsession...

Don't tell her, but we got Tye's niece (9) this paper bead kit for Christmas. And because it was cheaper to buy them online, even with shipping, than it was buying the kit in the store, I got one too. Because I really needed a new obsession, right?

I decided not to touch the strips of paper that come with the kit, not wanting to spoil them. So I used a page from a book I thought I was going to use as an art journal, but it turned out not sewn but glued, so I can't use it. I had already put some blue, white and a tiny bit of green acrylics on this page to see if it would hold paint, thinking I would then use the paper for a book binding project. So then I thought, why not use that page to try this paper beading thing...

I'm so happy with the result! After giving them two coats of the 'glaze' (it smells like glue to me!) that came with the kit, they were ready to be turned into two little bracelets. I love them!

Since then, I haven't been able to stop making paper beads. These are tiny ones:

I'm totally obsessed now. I keep searching the many magazines I've got for colourful pages I can cut up into strips, and I've got paper cuts on my fingers from rolling the paper... But I'm loving it! And I'm not even a beader... (but feel I could easily turn into one if I'm not careful.)

Want to give it a try yourself? Have a look at this blog Paper Beads or the YouTube videos. Have fun!


  1. Gorgeous bead bracelet, love how the colors in the paper translate to 3-dimensional things!

  2. I have made those paper beads in ages! They are fun and endlessly variable. I used to varnish mine for a longer life.
    BTW, you are welcome for the link

  3. I have now started varnishing them too, with clear nail varnish. Works a treat and makes them all shiiiiny. ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi Eveline - I too am obsessed with paper beads. I make them in a huge range of shapes and sizes (i.e. they never come out the same!!!) My current favourites are really big chunky ones - round, oval or straight. I like to make them from beautiful wrapping papers, magazines and wallpapers and I also paint my own paper (I use rolls of lining paper) to get the effects I want. Sometimes I use plain sugar paper and then paint the beads with acrylic paints. I varnish them all with glossy or matt wood varnish or emboss them. I love the way you have strung yours with little glass beads. I have sometimes used little silver ones but I will definitely try the see-through ones. The very long necklace is fab - I might try one of those.