Monday, September 3, 2012

What do you do when you've got goodies?

Draw them of course!
Here's my yummy apple and raspberry pastry-thingy..

I started off with my Micron pen, it's waterproof so perfect to use with water colours:
: Then I added a bit of shading:

I got my Koh-i-Noor paints out:
(as you can see, I use one of those 'breakfast in bed' tables to work on. I've got non-existing studio space and this table is a life saver. Also, I love arting in bed!)
First layer of colours:

I added some shadows:
And then I called it good. Time to eat! (sorry, I didn't save you a bit....)


  1. And by drawing the goodies you take in no exxtra calories. Good idea,cute drawing.

  2. Tasty treats like that I always have to draw from memory. Good job.