Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Water colour Wednesday (9)

Today, I played with masking fluid.I got it for my birthday, but had not really had a chance to use it yet.

So I started off with making a few shapes on the paper:

Then I let it dry completely (long live the fan) before adding the first colour:

Then I made some shapes within the rectangle and the squares.

I let it dry completely again before adding a second colour and then some more doodles in masking fluid:

After letting that all dry again, I painted all the shapes black:

Then I let it dry for one last time before pulling off all the masking fluid:

So there you have it, three layers of paint and three lots of masking fluid:

It was a lot of fun and I like the results. The only thing I had not thought of was how long it would take for the masking fluid to actually dry. It does take quite a bit of time, depending on how thick you put it on. The thicker the layer of fluid the easier it is to peel it off, though.

One thing before you try this: do not use your best brushes. The masking fluid when dry does really mess up your brush. Or you could wash them out immediately afterwards, of course... but, yeah... umm... nevermind..


  1. How fun to see your experimenting with this, I just got some masking fluid for my birthday and I am eager to try it out and learn how you can use it. :-)

  2. Visiting from iHanna. The dark squares make me think of looking out a window at night. Lots of inspiration. Thanks!