Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Water colour Wednesday (7)

It's Watercolour Wednesday again!

As I'm in Teddy mode, let's see if I can do one starting off without any outlining.

an cotton bud to soak up some of the water and pigment:

Letting it all dry:

And then adding some coloured pencil details:

I liked the effect and I carried on going, now with water coloured pencil.

Did I take it too far? Yeah, maybe. The purple did not come out as nice as I thougth it would.. but hey, if you don't do, you'll never learn, right? I guess I need to figure out when to stop...

(And also... how come my teddy is now a doggy? You'd almost think I've got puppies on the brain! *LOL*)


  1. Thanks for showing the step by step for this. I loved watching it develop.

  2. It still looks like a bear, not a dog! :) But you DO have puppies on the brain. LOL