Saturday, December 11, 2010


Remember my sketchbook, the one that looks like a Moleskine but is much-much cheaper and turned out to have squared paper instead of plain?
After a couple of sketches I got fed up with the squares. I tried to gesso the pages but they were too thin to take the gesso and it just didn't work.

So now, that sketchbook is my notebook. I keep the notes on the
'zine in there, blog ideas, video ideas (yes, that means that in future there will be more videos on Youtube!) and the odd note or two about which episode of House M.D. Season 1 we're up to and what page I am on when going all the way back on this blog I really like..

Anyyywayy... I needed some tabs, so I knew exactly where all my stuff is.
I nearly picked some up at the store and then I remembered this video:

and I made myself some tabs. OK, so they are not perfect, but at least they do the job. Look:


  1. We never started watching House when it first started, and then we felt it was too far into the series to catch up. Now it's on 'TV On Demand' we decided to start watching it and got hooked.. ;)