Friday, December 17, 2010

I love the Internets

An hour or so after I posted the update on my future SIL and her twins, I got an email from Sue of Prem2Pram. It's a webshop where you can buy clothes and accessories for babies as tiny as 0-1lbs! She also donates premature baby items to hospitals to help look after those tiny babies, and even have a whole section of 'angel blankets' for those who sadly do not make it...

Sue asked me for my address because she wanted to send a little something for our tiny Jenson and Lewis. This is what arrived here yesterday:

Isn't that amazing? Look at how tiny those clothes are! And they've got buttons on the side especially for those little ones in incubators. The hats are adorable, and I love the fact that she put their names on them.

And all because she just happened to read my blog and wanted to help! I love the Internets!

A quick update: SIL has finally been able to see her boys yesterday, after 3.5 weeks. She got to hold Lewis in a 'kangaroo-cuddle', which means skin on skin contact with a blanket over the two of them, and got to change little Jenson's bum who then decided to poo all over his mum's hand and arm. Nice!

Jenson it turns out has a hole in his valve which apprently all babies are born with, and he is now on medication which should help heal it over. He's put on a waiting list for the operation should he need it, but the doctors feel they should give him a little more time to do it on his own. If he does turn out to need the operation then of course he will, but they'd rather him do it himself, of course.

Teeny-tiny little babysteps every day... But in the right direction now!
SIL feels so much better now she's seen them, and got to hold one of them and hold the other one's tiny hand, and is amazed at how everything's there but in miniature. And they respond to their names, which is just mindblowing.

Thank you everyone for keeping the boys and their mummy in your prayers, for sending positive energy and thinking of them. Thank you for asking about how they are, and thank you to everyone who's offered to send them a card. And thank you so much Sue for those adorable little clothes. We are all so grateful.

Things are looking much, much brighter today than they were just a few days ago.
Time to go and celebrate Christmas!!


  1. This is awesome. It's so amazing how strong the little ones are at progressing! I hope you are art journaling their trip into the world - it's an amazing story. Praying and sending loving energy.

  2. people are amazing, so sweet, happy they are growing and developing.

  3. Time to go and celebrate Christmas!!

    Great christmas present ;-)

    I will pray for you and them!!!!

    Lots of Hugs and take care of yourself!

  4. ah, that is so sweet and good to hear they are improving

    happy thoughts and prayers through the universe