Thursday, October 28, 2010

Try It Out Thursday

The other day I went to Hobbycraft, which has just opened in town. Ohmygoodness, what a shop! It has products for anything creative you can think of. Needlecraft, knitting and crocheting, jewellery making, card making, it has all the paints and paper you could possibly want, tons of stamps, pens, model making supplies, all kinds of quilting materials, kits to keep your kids busy during the half term break... I dragged Tye through all the aisles and had to stop myself from drooling. I could easily have spend a fortune in there!

An unexpected find was kraft tape. The nice brown coloured paper tape that is used to back paintings. I got the permanent kind.

Sooooo.. let's try it out, shall we?

I stuck it to a page in my journal and burnished it quite well. I tried peeling it off but it wasn't easy like with masking tape. I like! Let's add some paint.

I just started drawing and out came this face. I don't particularly like it, but I wasn't going for a pretty picture anyway but am just testing things out. So I added some verrry runny white paint, which made the tape bubble up to begin with. After leaving it to dry for a bit, those bubbles disappeared. And the tape was still stuck right to the paper. So far so good!

On the next page, I put at a fair amount of paint. I scraped it with an old gift card, but there were eight or ten layers. And then I spotted a face! I got my charcoal pencil and outlined the face, adding more charcoal on the paint and smoothing it out so the face would pop out more.

I did the same to the next page, adding more and more paint because I couldn't spot a face straight away.

Then I remembered I was actually testing out the tape. Duhh! So I stuck a strip of tape on it, and was happy to see it stuck to the paint quite nicely.
And because of the charcoal I put tons of hairspray on the pages so it would not smudge anymore.

I left it to dry and was glad to see the kraft tape is still where it should be, and even covered in hairspray you can still write on it.

Yayyy for kraft tape! What will you try out today?

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