Thursday, October 21, 2010

Let me introduce you

Reader, meet Art Journal 9. Art Journal 9, meet Reader.

I got this journal at the car boot sale and fell in love with the kraft-paper-coloured pages. They are lined and squared, not really thick but thick enough to take paint and collaged materials.

After every ten pages there is a double sided pocket page, which I love!

And here are my first few pages.

Some journaling and a little character that came out of nowhere.

Doodling while watching art shows on Ustream.

Trying out my circle cutter and new paints.

Circles seem to be a theme lately...

I already feel so much better using this journal. I like the size, I like the paper, I can't wait to get to the first pocket page even though I don't have anything I can stick in there yet but I'm sure I'll find something.
I'm not a massive fan of ringbound journals, but I think I can overcome that with this one.

It will take me a while to fill this journal, so a flip-through will have to wait, but until then I'll be sure to post more pictures.


  1. Very nice eveline! Its nice meeting you art journal 9. I look forward to watching you grow. :)

  2. On behalf of the journal, thank you so very much.

  3. ohh sweet find Eveline!! Man I think you are the Queen of boot sales ;) I love craft paper, something about the warm brown color is just inviting :)

  4. wow what a bargain journal, love the idea of having pockets in there. Great doodling. Keep in touch #9, see you soon.

  5. What a sweet, sweet journal! I'm rockin' a hand bound one and a moleskine right now. (Need two to accommodate drying times, heh!). I have trouble with the spiral ones but the pockets would be well worth dealing with the spirals! Love it. Can't wait to see the flip through! <3

  6. Hello Art Journal No 9! I can't wait to see what Eve fills you up with!

    The circle thing is freaking me out because I did a page over the weekend that was just circles. I'm usually more of a triangle girl, so it was different. Are you sure we're not related in some way???

  7. Oohhh wouldn't it be fun if we found out we were, Deina? I've already decided I must be related to Leslie somehow, I'd love to have more arty friends in my family tree. ;)